Easter Break Photos on Facebook–Links

For those of you not too facebook savvy yet, here are the direct links to my albums. So if you’re already logged into your facebook account and you’re my friend, you should be able to click on them!

Easter Break Part 1–Lahinch, Burren, & Cliffs of Moher     http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.10150562560295005.665566.663075004

Easter Break Part 2–London


Easter Break Part 3–Paris


Easter Break Part 4–Dublin, Glendalough, & Wicklow


In other news, I may be turned off of eating fish once again as I explored the English Market here in Cork today, which is a huge, continuously running farmer’s market inside essentially.  The fish section was literally just piles of dead fish that looked like they’d be caught, killed, and thrown onto these ice piles. Just walking past these huge fish and eels with their eyes staring at me and tongue hanging out made my stomach churn.  Then I walked around the corner and was presented with all the extra parts of cows….such as a pile of giant tongues that literally had just been chopped out of the throat. Along with the livers and stomachs and everything else that made me want to gag. I love a good piece of meat and the steaks look SO good and fresh, but these other parts made me want to gag. Goodness!

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