Time for a new adventure

In just over a month, I will be back on a plane across the Atlantic Ocean…this time headed for A Pobra do Caramiñal, España. As I mentioned during my time in Ireland, I accepted a grant to become a teaching assistant of English through the Spanish Ministry of Education.  I’m placed in a secondary school in the small, coastal town of A Pobra do Caramiñal in the Galicia region, and it’ll be for the whole school year (which for them begins October 1st). I know nothing about it, but I guess that just means I’m forced to go into it with an open mind. I must admit that after training for elementary/primary levels of education all these years, I’m more than a bit uneasy about working with the “big kids”, but it’ll give me more experience in the long run!

Here’s the link to the school’s site…good luck trying to figure it out though, even if you know Spanish since it’s in Galician. That should be interesting since my spanish is sub-par at best! http://centros.edu.xunta.es/iespobradocaraminal/

After all my traveling before, I was quite ready to stay in one place for awhile and quit living out of my backpack and sleeping in hostels. But now that I’ve been in Warsaw working constantly to save money, I’m bored and itching for another adventure so it’s perfect timing.  Feel free to join me along the way via this blog…hopefully I’ll do a decent job updating it regularly! Also, I’m trying to figure out the whole slideshow deal and pictures with this new theme, so bear with me. I did figure out how to create a slideshow within a post, though…see below for a few highlights from backpacking!

33 days! Probably should start packing now, so I can cut down 10 months worth of clothing/shoes into one suitcase…eek.

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2 thoughts on “Time for a new adventure

  1. ellen earhart says:

    Great blog, Courtney. Hope you have time to keep it up. I’ll pass it on to some of the Spanish teachers at school if you don’t mind. Have you had some tortilla española yet? That would be an easy recipe to make for you and your roomies.


    • That’s perfectly fine if you pass it on! We literally just got internet for our piso tonight, so I hopefully will be able to keep it up. 🙂 And actually, I had tortilla española my very first night here! I’m sure to be making it in the flat soon…just need to buy some actual groceries!


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