Bye, bye giant jar of JIF…

Yes, sadly the pompous staff at O’Hare security has confiscated my giant jar of JIF peanut butter. Indignation and anger first crossed my mind as he dug through my backpack and pulled it out, then sadness, as dreams of pb&j’s and bananas with pb slowly floated out of my mind. I refused to throw it away myself (being difficult, naturally) and he rolled his eyes at me while taking it away. Stupid airplane rules. The seal was still on and everything! L

I’m heading back to….PAUSE. I would say “reality”, but I’m not quite sure that’s the right word for this, but I can’t think of a better choice, so UNPAUSE…..reality, as I sit at Gate K19 waiting for my flight to Madrid. As most of you know, I surprised everyone by coming home for Christmas. The holidays were absolutely amazing and worth every penny. I made the rounds all over the state of Indiana and into Chicago to visit friends and family. Thanks to all of you for making it fabulous!!!

I assaulted several of you with questions regarding my future during my stint in the states…there are several things I have been considering, but I’m not quite sure which is right for me at this time.  I appreciate everyone’s advice and I’ve decided I’ll simply see how I feel in the next few months before I make any decisions.

Upon return, I already have a few immediate thoughts after unpacking, doing some yoga, and showering before bed….

—  My toes are cold. I’ll have to readjust to a home temperature 20 degrees less than it was at Nana’s…good thing I got extra socks and long johns for Christmas to layer!

—  Everything is so beautiful here…the buildings, the mountains, the water.

—  I have way too much stuff in this bedroom of mine. No idea how it’ll all make it home.

In the morning, I have a day of school and then I’m off to Sevilla early Wednesday morning to meet one of my best friends, Julie, who is traveling around Spain a bit before returning for the spring semester of grad school in Texas. I couldn’t be more excited, as all of my friends who have been to Spain enjoy or are in love with Sevilla (Katelyn). I’ll update again this weekend when I return. As for now, I am jet lagged as all get out and need to pass out. For once I didn’t sleep on the plane because I was rereading the Hunger Games series…oops. 🙂


Side note: I discovered this article and enjoyed it. I think it’s something anyone living in the US should read (considering how we’re the workaholics and stressers).

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