Where I’ve been…

Before I begin, I’ll just say it…I KNOW it’s been ages. What’s the purpose of a blog if you don’t write consistently? I agree. But sometimes, life catches up to you and other things take priority. My little blog writing became a non-habit, but I found myself frequently yearning to start it up again, if only for my own memory keeping purposes. I’ve never been able to keep up a journal, even when I cut it down to a gratitude entry where I tried to write just one positive happening per day. I’d start to ramble and it’d became too long and before long, I just stop writing. But I know I’ll look back someday and want to remember these trips I’ve taken, amazing experiences I’ve had, funny stories from school, and more. So my goal is to jump back into this! I want to write as much as I can remember about major trips over the past few years and a couple other topics, so we’ll see how it goes. 🙂 I find my English is starting to become weird the more I progress in Spanish, so if you notice some oddities, that’s why!

What have I been doing these past three years since I last posted? If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may not know! I’m still in Bucaramanga teaching first grade…in my 4th year! I can hardly believe it since my last post was in the spring semester of my first year in Colombia. But somehow, I fell in love with this country and kept renewing my contract. However, I found myself itching for a change this past fall…in fact, I NEEDED a change. I don’t think my personality is cut out for first grade sometimes, and I wanted a bigger, more diverse city (even though Buca has been wonderful!). So come July, I’m moving to Medellín and teaching 3rd grade there! That complicated decision will [probably] be explained further in some future post. Oh and if you were wondering, yes, this is the Medellin where Pablo Escobar became famous for the Medellin cartel if you watch Narcos. (Great show if you want some background on my adopted country!)

That’s on the teaching front. In terms of education, I finished my Masters! Hooray! I had started classes in the states and had some credits that I had completed simultaneously with undergrad that transferred, so I finished in about a year and a half completing the rest of courses online through Indiana University. The program was Literacy, Culture, and Language Education, which ties in perfectly with teaching internationally and students who are English Language Learners.

Personally speaking, I’ve been dancing a lot! It’s like I refound that passion here, but with Latin rhythms. Salsa, bachata, merengue, reggaeton, champeta, cumbia…all of them! Though there’s so many styles that I don’t truly know all of them, but I keep learning. I recently auditioned for and made a bachata team here in Bucaramanga, so I’m getting more structured learning of that style than ever before (and it’s my favorite!). I also was on a competitive cheerleading squad for about a year until I started my Masters. I got back into tumbling ten years after high school, made Colombian friends, learned a lot of Spanish, and traveled with them around. Although I’m not a part of the team anymore, it made a huge difference in helping me acclimate here.

Traveling–I’ve had the opportunity to go to more places than I can even remember (thus the need for this blog). Some of the major highlights have been Peru and Machu Picchu, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, and Ecuador. Plus, I’ve been all over Colombia. I was making a list recently and although there’s plenty of small towns I want to visit, especially once I move to Medellin, I realized I’ve been the majority of places here. I’ve definitely traveled more within Colombia than I ever have in the USA.

Outside of teaching and now that my Masters is finished, I also started teaching English online one-on-one to kids in China through VIP Kid. I just started it in January, but I’m hoping to build up some consistent classes and have some side income in dollars!

That’s a brief overview of the last three years, though it fails to show you the complete picture. I’m going to try and catch up on posts over the next few months, which means there may be several coming quickly. So if you’re interested in continuing to read about my life, travels, or random thoughts, keep following. If you choose to unfollow, no hard feelings! 🙂

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Where I’ve been…

  1. Mary Ambrosia says:

    Hello Courtney,

    Was so good to read your blog and hear that you have now completed your Masters Degree. Congratulations. Keep up the great work and continue the blogs. We look forward to hearing more about you and your life living in Colombia. Good luck with the move in July and teaching 3rd grade. You will be awesome.

    With love and best wishes,

    Mary & Joe Ambrosia


  2. Alysha Kline says:

    I see all of your beautiful pictures on Facebook, but so good to see a more in depth update since we talked last summer. Excited to see your decision about your new position in July! So happy for you!


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