Weekend at the Finca

As I’m on my way to the Zona Cafetera for fall break, I figure I better update about my past weekend at a nearby finca before I forget everything. A finca is kinda like a vacation home out in the country. Here, people rent out their fincas or in the case of the one we went to, the family lives in the main house full time and then there are separate cooking/kitchen and sleeping areas. Some of the younger Colombians from the school organized it and then five of us gringa girls tagged along.



We left late Saturday night, which I thought at first strange, but later realized it’s because you party when you first get there and then sleep and have all day the next day to lay out by the pool, darty, and have fun. Of course, before leaving, we had to stop at three different places and pick things up. 🙂 By the time we left, we were leaving an hour and a half later than planned, but luckily the trip was maybe 30 minutes long. Another neat aspect of Colombia that we don’t have in the states (or at least not readily available like it is here) is that you can rent a mini-bus and driver to take your group somewhere and they return when you ask to pick you up. Really convenient!

The finca was simple, but met all of our needs. The main house was big, with different buildings for the kitchen and bathroom. Then the pool was out back, along with a covered cooking area, big dining area, bathroom stalls (no tp…..and we forgot to bring some haha), and big bedrooms filled to the brim with beds and bunk beds. It was like living in the 6 girl at Theta, but less space and more beds! And lots of bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. The night we arrived, there were the giant ants they have here all carrying pieces of leaves in a steady stream to their home. I mean hundreds. I took a video of them, but also some pictures.
IMG_0026.JPG The Colombians brought their GIANT speakers, so we immediately had music blaring. Everyone made drinks and hopped in the pool. Thus ensued a night of fun. (While I am enjoying most music here, by the next morning, we gringas needed some English music, so we plugged in our phones. They definitely thought our music was as strange as we think some of theirs is! Haha.)

IMG_0035.JPG The next morning, we had some breakfast and spent all day by the pool, playing games and getting burnt. We even taught the Colombians how to play Kings! Although we couldn’t do the 9-Bust a Rhyme due to language differences. It also made a few other categories more difficult, but fun. While playing, I had some bad luck and got stung by something on my arm. There was a wasps nest in one area of the pool, so I immediately started panicking and one girl got my Epi pen for me. However, the sting just got red around it and was fine, so it must have been something much smaller. Later, I cut my finger open on the drain at the bottom of the pool. This is after one of the guys cut his toe open, along with another girl. We all were getting injured left and right, but it pretty much just added to the experience. Haha

For lunch was lots of and lots of meat. They even brought something called chunchurros (not sure how it’s spelled), but it’s cow intestines. I said I would try a tiny piece and no more, but when they said you can’t cut it because it’s so tough and you have to gnaw it off, I decided to pass. There were so many health code violations if we were in the states. Bloody meat just sitting out, flies all over, and all over our food. But we ate it anyway, it tasted good, and no one got sick! I even was dumb enough to fill my bottle of water out of the tap, which we do in Bucaramanga now that we’ve acclimated to it, but probably wasn’t the best idea in these country. But again, I’m fine and maybe now I’m hardening my stomach! Haha ah



IMG_0030.JPG By Sunday afternoon, we had had enough sun and were all pretty exhausted. Monday morning at school was pretty funny because most everyone who went to the finca was bright red and burned. But it was a great weekend and enjoyable mixing with some of the Colombians rather than just expats. We’re hoping to organize another for one of our puentes in November! At the moment, our flight is about to land for our layover in Bogota, so I’ll update again in maybe a week to let you know how our trip to the coffee region in Colombia is!