Never thought I’d want a snuggie for real…

I’m leaving to go traveling for the next few days in a bit, but before I have all sorts of new stuff to add once I get back, I wanted to update the past week.

R. (my roommate) and I have continued to get adjusted into our new flat. We entirely love it, minus one thing—the no heat deal is starting to get to us already and it’s not even the coldest months yet! My alarm clock has a thermometer on it and it’s consistently been 62 degrees inside for the last week. We spend our time at home wrapped in clothes and at night, I have about 3 (for the time being) extra blankets on my bed and then I wrap myself like a fleece cocoon into another. Never have I wanted a snuggie so bad! hahaha. (or many of the warmer clothes I neglected to bring….B-Mason: We did a fantastic job packing together, except for this little detail…so thanks!)

R. and I also cooked our first traditional hot Spanish meal yesterday. While it may have been the easiest thing possible, I’m proud of us because it turned out pretty well! 🙂 Tortilla de patata, aka: tortilla española…it’s essentially a spanish potato omelet with onions and we added red peppers. I’ll add pictures to the next one.

Teaching is a bit iffy right now…I finally had my final two year students (1st Bachillerato and 2nd Bachillerato…kinda like juniors and seniors). It was a bit strange for me since they were so close in age, but the conversation was much smoother as they know more english! I just feel useless in my teaching most of the time…simply doing pronunciation and not actually giving a lesson is weird for me. And I don’t like it. Hopefully things will change as time goes on.

I’ve gotten to know several of the teachers better and have joined them for going out to lunch on Mondays, even though that is my day off, and all of the younger/single ones always go out to this one bar/cafe on Monday nights. So that’s been fun! One of the English teachers always meets with me in the evening a few nights a week to practice my Spanish as well, since I don’t speak it all day at home now from living with R.

Now, a lot of you may not believe this, but I also went to a soccer practice last night (they have practice from 8.30-11pm on friday nights!) with a local girls’ team. My roommate is really intense about the sport, whereas I haven’t played since I was under 10 years old with the KCSL league in Warsaw. Soooo needless to say, I was the worst one there. But hopefully I’ll learn and improve…for now, I’m just going to practice with them and not play in any games. It was an intense workout as well, so that will help with getting back in shape!

As for the times of eating, I think I may be starting to like it now that I”m on my own…a big late lunch and then when you go out for drinks at night, you get tapas and make it your dinner! Perfect. At one place on Thursday night, the guy made us each a sunny side up egg with bread! Then gave us another! It was the best, individualized tapa. hah


Well, I’m off to Pontevedra for an imitation Oktoberfest festival…then I”ll be staying the night there, meeting up with some other auxiliars to experience the nightlife, and then catching a bus to Oporto (also know as Porto) in Portugal. We have Monday and Tuesday off from school due to the holiday, so then I’ll come back Tuesday night…as much as I like the small town feel of Pobra, it’ll be nice to get out!!


Happy Halloween!!