Free flour!

I had a truly Irish experience yesterday evening as Racheal and I (and her visiting friend) set out to make chocolate chip cookies to take in for the teachers at our school. I thought we had enough of everything and then realized that 1 cup of butter = 227 grams of butter, which was all I had and we needed to double the recipe. We set out in search of that and more flour (like a lot more). Went to the hole-in-the-wall corner shop just down the street and got some butter, but alas, no flour. Headed down toward a different one, but it had closed at 7pm, which was 15 minutes prior. Walked into the pub next door and asked the woman who worked there (as well as her husband and like 8 year old son were hanging out) where the next closest place would be to find flour. She said she’d give us some, and I told her no because we needed a lot. She goes, “Oh I have loads!” and disappears in the upstairs.

While Michelle and I hung out downstairs awaiting her return, we began speaking with her husband and son. He asked us where we were from/what we were doing here (standard) and then asked his son to tell us who the king of rock and roll was (I’m not sure why). The kid couldn’t remember and I tried to prompt him by doing a little hip and leg swivel action, in the Elvis Presley manner. But then the guy goes “Ozzy Osbourne!” and lifts up his tshirt sleeve to show me a tattoo of Ozzy Osbourne with “Black Sabbath” in between. haha. We began talking music and apparently the little boy’s favorite band is some German group I had never heard of before. I asked him, “So you’re not into Jedward??” (Jedward are these twin brothers…think Bieber type style. They just represented Ireland in the Eurovision competition on Saturday night…Eurovision is a huge singing competition with all of the European countries that happens every year. It was a huge deal.)  Anyways, the little boy goes, “Jedward, my ass!” The father scolded him that there were ladies present and the little (mind you, 8 years old I think) boy goes again, “I don’t care…Jedward my ass!” Hahaha….it was funny.

About that time, the woman returns with legitimately an entire large bag of flour, which she just gave to us after many protests to give her something for it. She refused and we went home to make our cookies!  The friendliness of this place just astounds me time and time again….and that was even in the city this time! 🙂

Don’t want to leave.

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